Top Ways to Earn Money While Traveling

“It’s OK, I’m on vacation” is what you might tell yourself when splurging a little bit while on your travels. You can get your second gelato of the day, pay for the audio guide at the museum or spend five hours reading the newspaper at the cafe.

Eventually, those good vacation vibes will have to end. It’s time to get back to the real world and back to your job.

Nowadays though, with the power of the internet and other tools, you can start earning money while you travel around the globe, jet setting off to new locations and new adventures. You may already be well-practiced in saving money while traveling, but below are some of the best ways at earning money while you travel.

Teaching English

If you’ve ever traveled internationally, you may have noticed that most signs had everything in their native language and English. Many shop attendants or retail spoke enough English to help you out. It’s safe to say that English, while not the most natively spoken language in the world, is the most spoken language in the world.

Learning English can help so many people’s careers and personal advancement and there is always a need for English teachers. Never taught before? Don’t worry, the qualifications are usually the following:

  • Be alive

  • Be a native English speaker

  • Have a college degree

  • Have a certification (optional)

Many classes are simply conversation practice for others or basic grammar review. Don’t worry, you probably won’t have to diagram sentences or know the exact difference between a present perfect and present continuous.

There are tons of options by teaching in local schools or academies and even more options teaching online. Online teaching requires a computer and strong internet connection. As long as you have those, you’re golden.

Remote Work

This largely depends on the profession you’re in, but many more employers are letting their employees work remotely each year. Once again, it largely depends on the type of job you’re in.

If you’re a nurse, you really can’t care for your patients being 1,000 miles away. Same goes with retail work or running a store. You can’t be like Andy Bernard in the final season of The Office by getting on a boat and sailing to The Bahamas.

Here are some jobs that tend to offer more remote work:

  • Writing

  • Editing

  • Programming

  • Data entry

  • Translation

  • Interpretation

  • Accounting

  • Teaching

  • Marketing

  • Virtual Assistants

If you have a resume built around these skills, then you can start looking for remote work. It can offer you more flexibility and job satisfaction.

An Online Business

Starting a business is no small feat, but running your own website is a great way to support yourself. You may already have it up and running, meaning you’re in control of your own destiny there.

Your online business could be about branding yourself. If you’ve been traveling for quite some time, you could dedicate your website to blogging, posting photos or combining any skills listed above with your love of traveling.

If you’re thinking about going down the online route, first make a solid plan and outline before you dive into it. Lay out a strategy for what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up your domain name. It’s what’s going to get your noticed anyway.

Work Locally

This is highly dependent on local laws and regulations and how relaxed or stingy they are. One of the popular options amongst many is working in the travel or housing business. You could help people in giving tours or work with someone who owns a string of AirBnBs, helping people check-in or get everything situated.

In turn, you may be offered a cheap or free place to stay in exchange for your services. Don’t expect to earn a ton of money but if you can combine it with some other job, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

You could also do private tutoring in certain subjects which are usually payments made in cash that can help give you a bit of extra spending money for all of your weekend adventures.

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