How Much Room Should You Have in Your Shoes?

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Was there a time when you walked into a shoe store and kept wondering which size will fit you best? Well, it’s a common problem many of us face when buying shoes. The shoe may feel too tight or too loose. So, how much room should you have in your shoes? It is essential to, know it so that you can buy the right sized shoe.

Buying shoes that don’t fit properly can lead to toe or ankle pain. It may also cause problems like ingrown toenails, bunions, etc. It may cause a problem in body balance, and you may walk awkwardly. You should always try out the shoes in the shoe store and walk around a bit to see if you feel comfortable. If you are buying online, you need to know the size of your feet so that you can order the right size.

How Much Room Should You Have in Your Shoes?

As a rule of thumb, there must be a thumb’s gap between the end of the shoe and tip of the longest toe. Our feet don’t have the same size. One foot is usually larger than the other. So, you should measure the larger toe and buy the shoe accordingly. Another rule is placing a finger in between the ankle and the end of the shoe. If the finger slides in with some more room left, then you should buy half size less than the size of the shoe you are wearing. If the finger doesn’t slide in, then you should buy one size larger than that shoe.

Why Buying a Proper Running Shoe Is Important?

You should be careful about buying shoes for running. This is because you are going to use it every day. Your feet might get blisters, or you might have toe pain if you don’t buy the proper running shoe. Here are some things you need to consider.

  • When you run, your toe pushes forward and wearing tight shoes can lead to pain. If the shoes are loose, then your feet will slip around and may cause knee or ankle injuries.
  • If running is your daily habit, then it’s better to buy water shoes. That way your shoes will be protected from rainwater and you will feel comfortable running as well. There are many good water shoe brands on the market, and you can choose a suitable one according to your taste and budget.
  • You must make sure that there is room in the toe area. This is because when you run extra blood flows and your foot swells. That’s why extra space is needed at the toe area.
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    The middle portion of your shoe must fit like a glove. There is no need to tighten the laces. If the shoe feels a little loose or tight at the mid-sole area, you can try different lacing styles to see how you feel comfortable.
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    Wear the shoe with socks to make sure that the shoe fits well.
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    When buying running shoes, you should tie the lace and walk around for a bit to see if you are comfortable or not. If its too tight or too lose, it will cause toe or ankle pain.

How to Measure Feet Accurately?

  • Put one bare leg on the sheet of a paper placed on a flat surface.
  • By holding the pencil perpendicular, outline your foot using a pencil or pen as close to the foot as possible.
  • The length of the foot is the distance from the tip of your longest toe to the center of the heel curve.
  • The width is the widest area of your feet below the toes.

It is better to buy the shoe in the mid or late afternoon. This is because the feet usually expand during this time. So, you will be able to buy shoes of the right size.

In case you like a shoe that’s a bit bigger than your actual size, you can try to fit it with insole to adjust the difference. Sometimes, the shopkeeper will tell you that the shoe will stretch over time. While this is true for the width of the shoe, but you must remember that the length of the shoe will never stretch. Never buy shoes in a hurry. Always take time to see if it fits your feet properly.

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