How to Set Up a Fishing Rod Hook and Sinker

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It is a very rewarding experience catching a big fish after sitting with the fishing rod for a long time. Fishing is an amazing sport. It needs patience, though. You need to know the trick to catch a fish. With knowledge and experience, you will be able to catch more fishes within a short time. One of the basic things you should know is how to set up a fishing rod hook and sinker. Once you know the correct way, it will be much easy for you to catch a fish.

How to Set Up a Fishing Rod Hook and Sinker

Most novice angler uses a large and heavy hook, an inappropriate sinker and bobber. It makes it difficult to spot a fish and eventually catch it. You should set up the fishing rod hook and the sinker properly to increase your chances of catching a fish.

Things to Purchase

Before you learn the trick of setting up the fishing rod hook and the sinker, you should purchase the right materials for fishing.

Fishing Rod

You should first buy a fishing rod. You can find good cheap fishing rods in the market; you need to look around a bit. There are many sites where you can compare the prices and read reviews to find the best fishing rod at an affordable price.

Fishing Line

The fishing line is attached to the rod and is used to hold the bait. The mono fishing lines are found in special colors to improve visibility above the water but keeping it invisible under the water so that the fish cannot see it. There are monofilament and multi-filament fishing lines as well. The monofilament fishing line is made up of a single strand of material. The multi-filament, on the other hand, is made of multiple strands braided together.

Fishing Hooks

You should use the smallest hook as the live-bait looks natural on it and so the fish won’t notice the hook. Also, the small hook can penetrate the fish better once it strikes on it. The shape of the hooks can be different.


Sinkers are made of steel, tungsten or lead. Due to environmental concerns, many anglers prefer not to buy the lead sinker. There are sinkers of various shapes available. Using a sinker, you can take your bait to the desired depth. It also helps to cast the sinker. If you are fishing with artificial bait or live baits that are heavy, you need to use a sinker.

Setting Up Fishing Rod Hook and Sinker

Setting up the fishing rod hook and sinker is very simple. You need to practice it a couple of times before you go fishing. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • All you need to know is learn a basic knot. You can use the same knot to attach the rigs and tie the hooks. Keep on practicing, and you will be able to do it easily.
  • You can learn the uni knot. It is very simple; it is just the way you tie your shoelaces. You should repeat the knot multiple times to make the knot stronger.
  • A running sinker will let you catch different fishes in the deep water.
  • On one end, tie a hook and on the other a swivel. In both cases you should use uniknot.
  • You should set up the rod by threading the line from the reel and pulling it to attach a hook.
  • You can attach various baits to the hook including prawns, worms, squid, etc. If the fish you are chasing is small, then attach small bait and make sure that the hook is small as well.
  • Aim to fill the hook with bait however try to keep the barbed section on the point of the hook exposed so you have a better chance of catching your fish.

Fishing needs lots of dedication and patience. You should practice setting up the hook and the sinker so that you next time you go fishing, you don’t have any trouble. If you can attach the sinker properly and cast the fishing line at the right distance, you will have high chance of catching fish.

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