How to Wear Ankle Support With Socks?

While your everyday work, you may fall into different ankle injuries or leg issues. In this situation, you will need some extra support that can protect your ankles properly. An ankle support can ensure you with the required amount of support that you need to participate in your regular activities. When you are facing this sort of problem, then it will be much beneficial for you to know how to wear ankle support with socks.

There are mainly two types of ankle injuries. They are Acute ankle sprain and Chronic ankle sprain. To cope with this type of injuries you need the right amount of support and thus ankle braces can assure you with that support. Depending on the type of your injury, you can choose the right ankle braces. Or you may follow the recommendation of therapist or physician to make the choice.

How to Wear Ankle Support With Socks?

There are varieties of ankle supports. Among them, ankle braces are the best, as they are easy to use with socks.

Methods of Using Ankle Braces

At first, you need to make sure that all the laces and straps are loosened. Now, wear your regular sock and insert your foot inside the brace. The tongue of the brace should reside on the top of your foot. Make sure the heal is suited and the tongue stays in the right place between your skin and lacing. Then secure the laces being seated because you need to maintain your ankle at 90-degree angle while doing that.

After that, feed the laces through all the eyelets and tighten it properly. If your brace remains loose, it won’t be as supportive as you desired.

Now, take the inside strap and wrap it around your foot. You need to make sure that the straps that you have put, should go across the top of your foot and cover your up your heel area. Do the process again for the outside strap. Remember the whole process is needed to be done when you are seated.

Then secure the braces with a cuff closure provided by your brace brand. By completing all the steps, check the brace if you have adjusted it properly or not. According to the level of your activity, you must ensure your proper support that’s why the braces are needed to be fit with your foot. You may require periodic adjustment depending on your activity level.

Importance of Using Ankle Braces

Ankle braces can provide you with required support for your ankle. It comes with a stretchable fabric along with metal or plastic support. Ankle braces has laces and straps to make it adjustable. It helps the brace to stay at the right place and make it as tighten as you need. With that you can ensure the maximum protection for foot and ankle. Some braces have extra supportive features. These are usable when you already have an injury or you want it for the prevention.

How Many Days You Need to Wear Your Braces?

Well it mainly depends on your injury type. Sometimes, you may need to wear the braces for ten days. It may last up to six weeks, if your injury requires more time to heal. It will be much better for you wearing the braces until you get well properly. The braces should be worn as long as pain or swelling is felt.

Some Preventive Measures for Ankle Sprains

If you have already gone through ankle sprains, then you are familiar to the pain that is felt for the injury. Generally, it occurs when your ankle gets sprained by rolling toward the sole. So, you need take some preventive steps before being injured.

Some foot exercise can help you to make a prevention. These are described below

You can do strength exercise to give your joints and ligaments the required strength. When your daily workout includes motion controlling, this exercise can help you by strengthening your joints

The balance exercise can help you in improving the connection between your brain and foot. This exercise allows your brain to know the proper time when you are taking any steps.

You can stretch your ligaments and tendons by performing a flexibility exercise. When your ligaments and tendons are stretchable there is a less chance of being injured. By performing this exercise, you can prevent ankle sprains.


Ankle braces are less expensive and more supportive. The most eligible part of an ankle brace is you can wear it as a support with your socks. It can provide you with your desired support when you have to participate in your athletic activity with an injured ankle. You should make the brace tight enough for that. But you must keep in mind that you should not make braces that much tight which can lose circulation or changes your skin color by spilling your skin over it.

Prevention is better than cure- That’s why it will be much better if you can avoid injuries. Follow the above guide on how to wear ankle support with socks which will be much helpful for you to prevent further injuries.

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